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BH72 Sourdough (HD6 & HX3)

BH72 Sourdough (HD6 & HX3)

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Created using the finest white bread flour from Shipton Mill and my sourdough starter! This loaf is a batard (oval shaped) and is approx 650g. It has a lovely open airy texture and a really dark crust packed with flavour! It's beautiful for sandwiches and toast and is fantastic for burgers! 

Best eaten on day of purchase (but also enjoyable on the following day due to the long fermentation!) This bread freezes very well. Simply wrap well in cling film or seal in a freezer bag and freeze on day of purchase. Allow to defrost IN the bag or cling film for approx 4 hours at room temperature or until completely defrosted & enjoy

Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, salt. Dusted with Rice flour or Rye Flour.

Semolina may be used to dust trays/tins, and small traces of vegetable/rapeseed oil used to line trays/tins.

Contains gluten and wheat.


Due to the environment in which this bread is made I cannot guarantee that it has not come into contact or contains traces of nuts or other allergens

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