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Cinnamon Swirls - 4 Pack (HD6 & HX3)

Cinnamon Swirls - 4 Pack (HD6 & HX3)

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A Limited Edition Special available for delivery to HD6 & HX3 on Wednesdays - my Cinnamon Swirls! Made using an enriched dough from the finest Shipton Mill flour, this is incredibly indulgent - with a gorgeous soft texture that almost melts in your mouth and the delicious sweet cinnamon filling, you'll find this such a treat! This is for a 4 pack of cinnamon Swirls!

Best eaten on day of purchase (but also enjoyable on the following day!

This is suitable for vegans.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, filtered water, vegan butter [contains water, plant oils, salt, plant based emulsifier, vinegar, natural flavourings, vitamin A], sugar, cinnamon, vanilla extract, icing sugar, salt, yeast

Semolina may be used to dust trays/tins, and small traces of vegetable/rapeseed oil used to line trays/tins.

Contains gluten & wheat.

Best eaten on day of purchase, but this bread freezes very well! Simply wrap well in cling film or seal in a freezer bag and freeze on day of purchase. Allow to defrost IN the bag or cling film for 4-5 hours at room temperature (or until completely defrosted).


Due to the environment in which this bread is made I cannot guarantee that it has not come into contact or contains traces of nuts or other allergens.

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